Our purpose is to provide all-natural, Canadian-made, premium quality supplements to people’s everyday lives, while protecting the planet’s health. Our mission statement is “To enrich the lives of people by harnessing the essence of the ocean – responsibly, ethically, and ecologically”.


Our supplements include cod liver oil, glucosamine, marine collagen, and many other supplements with the primary ingredients sourced from the sea. Currently, many supplements are synthetic from the lab or sourced from animals on land. As a result, excessive farming and maintenance are required, and throughout the process, harmful by-products, such as greenhouse gasses are produced. We can do better.

"Together, we can revolutionize wellness with sustainability"

"About 71% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, and oceans hold about 96.5% of that water." (Water Science School, 2019)

Why not make use of it?

Our Vision

We are inspired by the vast potential of the ocean to provide natural supplements and nutrients. We believe that a sustainable approach to sourcing, such as the use of by-products from marine life (e.g. shells, skins, bones, and plants), will minimize the impact on the ocean's ecosystem. Our vision is to create long-term benefits for all - for the people and for the planet.

Join us in our mission today. With your support, it's possible.